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Lotus Hero

The Lotus Hero Project inspires people to acknowledge their experiences of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), navigate their journey in peace, and empower them to rise and become a Lotus Hero.

A Lotus Hero has faced the difficult circumstances of CSA and, yet, has been able to learn, persevere, and grow into someone who overcomes adversity, blossoms with grace to become a beacon of light.

“The Lotus Hero Project”

My Story, The Story of Many – Lotus Hero Project's premier event – is a collaborative project designed to raise awareness of childhood sexual abuse and show how trauma can be a springboard for growth and hope. This unique project combines the power of jewellery and people's stories. It will draw a diverse audience to this important subject, provoke much-needed dialogue and inspire action.

The Lotus Hero bracelet was inspired by the lotus flower, which roots itself in mud, navigates through the muck in peace in order to rise above the waters and blossom into beauty. The star on the reverse side symbolizes the light of the hero’s authentic spirit.

Wear this bracelet as a reminder that you support a Lotus Hero, whether it be you, a friend or family member. This charm embodies courage, strength, patience, self-acceptance, love, compassion, hope, growth, grace, clarity, resilience and transformation.

The Lotus Hero bracelet was created by Delane Cooper in January 2018.
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Nurturing Resilience Workshop
Nurturing Resilience Five-Workshop Package:

The Lotus Hero Bracelet
Freshwater pearls with sterling silver lotus charm.
$55.00, plus taxes, shipping and handling.
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Letters to Eli
My Story, the Story of Many
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